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VIP TV - Best Ethnic Television
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Live Network Footprint

The map above represents the current live traffic in VIPTV network.

Fiber network.

VIPTV video distribution network offers a superior streaming experience in true HD with multiple SD offerings as well. With an average of less than 10ms away from all metropolitan locations and less than 50ms away from any worldwide location, our customers benefit from instant streaming on both VOD and Live content.

Custom Technology

With over 100 cutom servers and software in placed VIPTV our network has been engineerd in house and is u pkept and improved consistently. We currently operate out of 16 strategic distribution centers to guarantee a 99.9% uptime and in case of a system failure on any of those points our customers do not experience any downtime as they are re-routed to the next closest distribution center.

Video Compression & Delivery

VIPTV can capture and broadcast any content to any customer around the world in full HD or SD resolution. Our content delivery methods have been optimized to deliver the best audio / video quality with minimum bandwith usage. VIPTV optimum transcoding for SD requiers a 1.5Mbps internet connection. Our digital platform is built for HD transmission and is ready for 3D as well. VIPTV supports various encoding formats.